Anybody interested in exchange the teeth libraries

Discussion in 'exocad' started by Midhun vt, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. wangtwtw

    wangtwtw New Member

    Lost pontics
  2. jintera

    jintera New Member

    Of course, there is a tooth library.
    Other libraries are too heavy.
    If you need other libraries, please contact me.
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  3. Barry Loxton

    Barry Loxton lox002

    thank you
  4. wangtwtw

    wangtwtw New Member

  5. Luca L.

    Luca L. New Member

    Ciao a tutti sono nuovo qui, qualcuno mi potrebbe mandare qualche libreria?
    Grazie mille.
  6. jacki99

    jacki99 New Member

    Can you send me teeth library to
    Thank You...

    SESSHOMARU New Member

  8. Solitario

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  9. Solitario

    Solitario New Member

    i have this one
    ZRS Tooth Library - tooth pontics and metadata
    anyone interested for exchange
  10. pak id

    pak id New Member

  11. Nicolinx

    Nicolinx New Member

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  12. Alex1516

    Alex1516 New Member

    I would be grateful to get a link. Please send to Thanx a lot!
  13. acelsa21

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  14. Tevhid

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  15. Newtech

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  16. drbohorquez

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  17. PetKos994

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  18. Jiang Yufan

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  19. C.Lab

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  20. amirali

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