First Modeless Case......kinda

Discussion in 'Intra Oral Scanners' started by Toothman19, Apr 22, 2016.

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    Here is the final product in the mouth. Doctor said no adjustments were needed to the contact or occlusion, the fit was also fantastic.
    This is a picture of the Nortiake Katana STML A3

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    Now get him to scan that implant and send it to you. Model less abutment and crown.
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    Kudos Toothman19...job well done.
  4. I'm a bit late in the game with this convo, but Toothman19, I am curious if you have done more model-less crowns since this posting, and, if so, what have been your more recent experiences? The pic posted shows just the mesial contact was of concern for your crown design and I am wondering if you have success with two contacts. How much contact did you design with/how did you/your ceramist adjust the contacts without a static model? I would like to go model-less as well. How do you design the contacts to different doctor preferences? Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    Since posting this "tutorial" I have done numerous cases and have had a lot of success. I've done three and four unit bridges, Lots of single units. I have also done several implant cases, mostly singles, but I have also done a couple cases with two implants. It really comes down to how well the doctor can scan and capture margins
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  6. That's cool - I'm glad it has been working out for you. Would you be able to answer the other questions about how you design your crowns so that the contacts are right? And also, how does/do the ceramist/s adjust the contacts if the case is model-less?
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    Contacts can be a little tricky. It may take a couple tries to figure out exactly how you doctor likes the contacts. In exocad I just cut contacts at 0 and then add just a little bit to broaden the contact. I try to make it have a speckled blue look. I also make sure I don't add any glaze to that area when I'm finishing the crown. If you want to add glaze to the contact then you would have to take away more from the contact area in CAD design
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  8. Awesome! Thanks for the help! That is what I would assume but it's nice to know that is what you do since you have real experience with doing so.

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