KaVo or Ormco Lythos Scanner?

Discussion in 'Intra Oral Scanners' started by DevonR, Mar 12, 2015.

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    It probably hasn't met FDA approval yet. Wheels of the government turn really slow. That is what all that tax money you pay gets you.
  3. Perhaps one interesting aspect how it looks in Europe - I have experiences with both devices:

    Lythos Scanner:
    distributed by Ormco, solely distributed to orthodontists, only guided scanning, only full arch, monochrome
    I have already used the scanner for several weeks also investigating its accuracy: the scanner had one of the best precisions I have seen for intraoral scanner for the quadrant - full arch scan only worked fine in vitro. There might be some systematic errors in vivo...full arch did not look as good...

    KaVo Scanner:
    basically completely identical with Lythos, the only added a color overlay so its colour right now, no more guided scanning, no limitation to fullarch
    KaVo right now also wanted to enter the market and ,overtook, a former orthodontic product, I knew about the plans before IDS, Ormco was not so succesfull with the scanner, right now they hope to profit from the experiences that are made with the KaVo scanner

    if you are intersted I can share with you details about the accuracy/precision of the intraoral scanners...

    how do you estimate the use of intraoral scanner in orthodontics? might be interesting in my opinion...

    regards from zurich
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    Have you experience with the Steinbichler 5-camera Oral scanner yet?
    This is first sold by Dental Wings, but look for other options very soon!

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    Do you have any information on the algorithm development for full arch scanning accuracy? It has been our experience that long edentulous areas or full arch IO scans result in dimensional inaccuracies over 1mm in cross arch measurements and slight twists in the arch regardless of the many scanning strategies/paths we have tried. Many of the manufacturers are claiming that full arch scans are possible and there is no doubt that IO scanners can do full arch, but we are not seeing the accuracy necessary for predictable outcomes. This is with scanners using both triangulation and confocal microscopy.
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    This week I will test PlanScan of Planmeca..............do you have any experience on it?
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    The DentalWings scanner required powder at the time of its first demos.
    They said that they were working on a powderless strategy.
    Do you have insight as to alternate licensing or a direct marketing plan? The sscanner looks promising but the DentalWings system in general is less than ideal....

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    Company that did this was out of wilmington MA. they used a different scanning method with FARO technologies - it wasn't bad just got worse when danaher took over

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